Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thanks 2015! "Countless Small Acts of Courage"

The most incredible thing happened at my mom's Christmas party last weekend, something that was worth a million rainbows. My fourteen-year-year-old niece, AKA the coolest person in the universe, and her BFF (my also-quite amazing bonus niece) were regaling us at top volume about the byzantine love lives of themselves and their friends, stories that included all kinds of straight, gay, bi, and trans characters. It made my heart just shine with joy. Though there's still such a very long way to go toward gender equality, the world has expanded and gotten so much more glittery since I was these girls' age.

I'm so proud of the nieces for their ingrained inclusiveness, so I wanted to stop and appreciate all of the little things that got us to that conversation and to that rainbowiest of days last June.  Not the political things, though those are surely important, but all of the many little moments of connection, of engagement, of expression that helped us to make more room for love one honest interaction at a time.  And I'm so proud of all of us who went ahead and got married anyway (even if I personally failed at it) and of the families who created and supported those weddings, especially my own.

I want to hold June 26, 2015 in my heart as a reminder that there is hope for all of the projects of progress, that every time we speak up, show our love, or work for change in the tiniest of ways, we're getting ourselves to that place where we can stop for a second and say, holy Christmas, things really did get better. The future belongs to my badass nieces and my sweet, thoughtful nephews, and for that reason, I'm wholly optimistic.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Meditation Monday: "Fuck Yes" Says Amanda Palmer.

I've been a self-improvement project for as long as I can remember, but ironically one of the things I've always wanted to change is the vain idea that I am somehow supposed to be better than I am. Brene Brown, in her new book Rising Strong , suggests that maybe it's better to assume that everyone is doing the best they can, and that idea is such a relief to me. In a great episode of Dear Sugar Radio,
 I heard Amanda Palmer sing this gut-wrenching song of self-acceptance, and sobbed the happy tears of good art:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thank You Thursday: Yay This Fall!

There's something about this fall. Maybe it's because I live in the prettiest neighborhood in the city or the daily drive to Bryn Mawr, or working on such a pretty campus, but I haven't enjoyed a fall this much in years. Here's a little selection of highlights!