Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 Things I LOVELOVELOVED about June 2010

(In no particular order.)

1. You- thanks for reading me!
2. Running out of a Cape May downpour into a tchotchke shop that mainly sold glass flowers.
3. Visiting the City Paper office. (More about that later.)
4. Walking in the Wissahickon for a looong time with my friend Moseph who bought me the ideal ice cream cone.
5. Started a new chapbook (in my mind) and a couple of new paintings.
6. (Another downpour!) Sitting in the car in Newark, DE before my feature, belting out Monsters of Folk songs.
7. Said feature, which was filed with love, art and “Well written!” poets.
8. The awesome Star Lux hotel in Wildwood, which looks like someplace Don Draper would bring the secretaries.
9. The supreme weirdness of the Wildwood boardwalk.
10. The goings on at my home venue: New Poems/New Friends night! Nick Fox and Wil Gibson! Very refreshing!
11. Planning a DANCE PARTY with my friend Rosanna!
12. My gorgeous, wonderful classes at Big Blue Marble, and Maleka who likes to try and make my dreams come true.
13. Amy’s bonus came and CDs were purchased.
14. Found a 90% off sale at an Office Depot and stocked up on like a MILLION envelopes for submitting.
15. OMG the New Pornographers show!
16. My cousins’ luau graduation party. Good luck! Caroline, enjoy the Traveling Towel!
17. Courtney Bambrick’s reading at East Falls Library.
18. My wonderfully free city pool. I love it so much I might actually get in shape.
19. Kieran’s fifth (!) birthday party. I love the late-night chat with my sister and brother-in-law, waking up with Quinn in my face, sitting with Shae and notebooks.
20. Teaching poetry to middle schoolers (with MJ Harris) while my three favorite new releases (guess!) played over the loudspeakers.

What’s your list?

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