Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance Party

So I stored up some extra serotonin this weekend by having a perfect dance party with my friends.

Also I now have a video of a friend of mine dressed up as Lady Gaga and singing "Paparazzi". Saved on the desktop for pep talk purposes.

Partial list of songs I LOVE LOVE LOVED dancing to:

1. Le Disko (Shiny Toy Guns)
2. Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
3. It Takes a Muscle (M.I.A)
4. Push It (Salt n'Pepa)
5.Do You Want To (Franz Ferdinand)
6.Paper Planes (M.I.A.)
7.Halo (Beyonce-Dave Aude CLub Remix)
8. We Trying to Stay Alive (Wyclef Jean)

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