Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love, Two Ways

This morning I love these postcards made by my poetry classes. I am about to send them in to Drawing Love.

Also, this week I decided I am too extroverted to be a stay-at-home poet. I've started searching for a great part time school-year job. I can't wait to get back to working with kids on a regualr basis.

Maybe it's not the most riveting reading ever, but today I love my resume, so imma post it:


• Syracuse University, Bachelor of Arts in Art History
• Laguna College of Art and Design, Fine Arts Major
• EducationWorks Training Including: Project Based Learning,100 Book Challenge, Media Literacy,
Group Management/ De-escalation, Child Development, Teaching Tolerance
• Central New York Out of School Time Seminar Series

Performing Poet:
• Ten years as part of the National Poetry Slam community.
• Published in such journals as The November 3rd Club, The Comstock Review, and Valley of the Contemporary Poets.
• Performed at such venues as LouderArts in New York City, Valley Contemporary Poets in Los Angeles, and The Encyclopedia Show in Chicago.
• Visiting poet at high schools, middle schools, and the Philadelphia Free Library.
Teaching Artist:
• Three years teaching poetry, art, reading, and other subjects to students from preschool to adult.
• Two years AmericCorps service in Philadelphia Public Schools.
• One year as Teaching Artist in Syracuse Public Schools.
• Created a poetry curriculum based on peace and positivity.
• Eight years leading poetry readings and workshops for teens and adults.
• Summer camp teacher to 65 students, six curriculums.
• Eight years hosting community poetry events.
• Booking local and out-of-town features and maintaining a national poetry network.
• Publicity, mailing-list maintenance,fundraising.
• Three years experience with education-related paperwork.

Community Service:
Philadelphia Poetry Slam: Co-Host and Booking Contact: 2009-present
Syracuse Poetry Slam: Co-Host and Booking Contact: 2003-2008

Employment History:

Poetry Teacher, Adults:
• Big Blue Marble Bookstore: March 2010-Present
• Mt. Airy Learning Tree: February 2010-Present
Afterschool Programs and Summer Camp:
• EducationWorks/AmeriCorps, Philadelphia, PA :
Group Leader 2008-2010, Summer Program Facilitator: 2009
• STARS Program, Grant Middle School, Syracuse, NY: 2007-2008
• 21st Century Program, Levy Middle School, Syracuse, NY: 2007-2008

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  1. Buildabridge is an awesome organization. AWESOME! They may be hiring new Teaching Artists for the upcoming school year!