Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thanks, June! And Happy July

Since Thursdays have been the bluest lately, I decided to do something extra fun every Thursday. Today I went to visit my pal Rosanna at The Academy of Natural Sciences. You should go there. The butterfly garden is so wonderful, and I learned a lot about sea creatures too.

New Grrrl Scout Badge: Learn the names of 20 Butterflies.

Anyway, so The Happiness Project! Let’s start off the month with advice from Monsters of Folk:
“Do you like where you’re living?
Do you like what you do?
Do you like what you’re seeing . . .
When you’re lookin’ at you?
Do you like what you’re saying . . .
When you open your face?
Do you got the right feeling?
Are you in the right place?”

I’m so excited to get started on my July resolutions and continue with my (slightly modified) June ones.


1. Music, Music, Music, Music, Music!
2. Recognize, accept, and believe love.
3. Practice writing about race. (Weird for a happiness resolution, I know. I’ll explain soon.)
4. Sit in caf├ęs (or poolside!) with stacks of books as often as possible.
5. Be less aloof from the divine and more open about my religious side.

1. Wake up before 7 on weekdays.
2. Take long and frequent breaks from things with screens.
3. Walk in the morning, swim in the afternoon, extra fun on Thursdays.
4. Spend almost all of my free time writing, reading, or making art.
5. Show love.

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