Friday, July 30, 2010

Twenty Four Things I LOVE LOVE LOVED about July 2010

1-10. All the music stuff that happened.
11. Amy is back in the habit of being Turtle Ink Press again. I get so happy when she has creative stuff going on. Plus the books are amazing.
12.Finding out that one of my favorite friends if moving to Philly this Fall.
13. Trips to the beach, even when the traffic’s bad. (Must. Make friends. With. First. And second. Gear.)
14.Finishing a new painting.
15. Starting a new book.
16. Writing lots of letters.
17. Sitting in air-conditioned places reading stacks of poetry.
18. How reliable the creative process is—I love watching my students produce beautiful poem after brilliant poem, after astonishing poem…
19. Nothing creates more endorphins than swimming. Except maybe dancing.
20. The feeling I get when one of my students buys a book at Big Blue Marble Bookstore—I’m such a salesgirl at heart.
21. Having to up my phone’s text limit—things have been nicely chatty lately.
22. My horoscopes on the City Paper’s blog—I still can’t believe it!
23. Such a great show with Urbana and Loser Slam at Freedom Theatre. Being in that show made me feel like I have swagger. And like I have a lot to write about.
24. You

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