Monday, August 16, 2010

Come Pretty Far, I Guess

Well, today I met with my new therapist lady. After a brief flashback/panic upon seeing the ol' purple couch, I kind of settled in.

Hearing the treatment plan from before I went on the waiting list, I can see how far I've come. The days where I can't get out of bed are over, and the panics have gone down to a dull roar. There's still a lot I'd like to work on-- I'd love to be rid of being convinced everyone's forgetting me, have fewer times where the tears won't stop, etc. But I've regained a lot of energy and self since then, sometimes even a little hope.

Last weekend was the family camping trip. I loved the feeling of being relaxed, loved, of not worrying about being good enough. Of just BEING good enough. I'm grateful that I have a close family, that sometimes there's just peace.

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