Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Resolution #1: Make Friends With First and Second Gear

Amy suggested this one when we were stuck in traffic on the way to the beach. I was bawling simultaneously because I kept killing the car and because I was having trouble with new friendships.

The literal resolution is easy to work on: I’ve been doing some shifts at Amy’s bookstore in Dover, and whenever the traffic gets bad, there’s my opportunity to practice my shifting. I am getting better, I think, even if Ms. Backseat Driver pipes up every now and then.

As far as the actual making of friends goes, I think I need to stick to automatics for now. If I like someone a lot, I am not going to fake aloofness while they standoffishly splutter between gears, running hot and cold and ruining my heart’s clutch.


  1. you are so clever. I like your analogies. yay.

  2. You're such a nice friend. :)This picture makes me laugh so much because it looks like my soul.