Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twenty Things that Made Me Happy in September 2010

1. My awesome birthday beach trip, getting pummeled by the waves.
2. My awesome birthday games night where I got everyone to answer really personal questions.
3. Making myself a birthday mix.
4. Starting Intermediate Algebra. (Math credits so I can apply to teacher-certification programs.)
5. Starting my new job at the LIBRARY.
6.Two of my favorite poets moved into town!
7.Two great features at the FUZE.
8. Writing a lot.
9. I graduated myself from therapy.
10. Reading Bright Sided, Blue Bird, and Freedom. Curmudgeonly goodness.
11. My pretty new chapbook, Adventures of a Lazy Polyamorist.
12. Said adventures.
13. Light and Honey Festival: got to perform with and hear some great writers.
14. Getting my copy of Apiary, with my poem Twilight Meals in it.
15. Addressing all of my chapbooks and putting (mostly) love letters in them.
16. It smells like Fall.
17. The new Radiolab about falling.
18. I’ve got a great poetry tutoring student.
19. Pumpkin Pancakes!
20. Making a Thanksgivingy dinner for some poet pals.

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