Monday, November 1, 2010

20 Things I LOVE LOVE LOVED about October 2010

2. Seeing the President and Vice President—WITH THE ROOTS!
3. My new book came out and I got to co-feature with my pressmate Mike O’Hara at The Fuze.
4. The Night Kite Revival Tour refreshed my soul.
5. Visiting my childhood home and finding it still fairly wooded.
6. Featuring Apiary/Light of Unity at the Fuze.
7. Spending a wonderful Saturday afternoon writing in The Last Drop Café.
8. Getting obsessed with Veronica Mars.
9. Settling in at my wonderful library job.
10. Reading/workshopping at Courtney Bambrick’s East Falls Poetry Festival.
11. Leafing to Lancaster.
12. Making our “It Gets Better” video and wing-womaning for a newly out pal.
13. Giving up some bad connections.
14. Getting Turtle Ink books in at Jean-Jaques Gallery, a wonderfully artsy boutique.
15. Sometimes getting a handle on Intermediate Algebra feels so good.
16. Joining a Small Group Ministry at church with my pal Sarah.
17. Discovering a cool East Falls art spot: Tattoo Gallery Café.
18. Doing yoga for the first time in months—welcome back, Chi!
19. The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender. Last Night at Chateau Marmont, by Lauren Weisberger. Gunn’s Golden Rules, by Tim Gunn.
20. Of course! Getting drunk on civility and signage at the Rally to restore sanity.

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  1. I did not see Rachel Kinney's birthday on that list. ;-)