Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Stay Motivated, Part 5/January Resolutions Check-In

After half a year doing The Happiness Project, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone whose art occasionally gets slowed down by sadness.

January Resolutions:

  1. Branch out.
I branched out in the following large and small ways:
a. I learned how to use panko breadcrumbs, inspired by The Iron Chef and Rachel Ray. Here is a nice piece of flounder that Amy made me with panko and sesame seeds.
b. I finally warmed up to the idea of buying one song at a time. (# Latest of all late adopters.)
3. I typed more potential words into the Scrabble Dictionary. “Baith”? Who knew?
4. I did some new things when it comes to poetry, to very satisfying results.

  1. Practice trust.
I’m still not sure what that means, but the other day, Amy had a snow day, so she walked over to work with me. I brought her down to the Children’s Dept. and introduced her to the librarian ladies and some of the kids. It made me realize that the homophobia of my old job is truly behind me, and I’ve started to heal. Plus, I got to show Amy our ADORABLE MLK Day Bulletin board.

  1. Get pretty drunk sometimes.

Best. Resolution. Ever. It resulted in lots of extra fun and dancing and lots of only-semi-appropriate flirting. Resolution 3 FTW.

  1. Bring 2010 Photos into the physical realm.

They’re all uploaded to Shutterfly and I’ve ordered about half of the prints that I want. Guess I’ll make this a February resolution, too.

  1. Schedule and study for the PRAXIS.

It is scheduled for Feb. 28 and I plan to start studying this week. So excited!

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