Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Resolutions Check-in

Well, I’m getting a little bored with writing about The Happiness Project. That’s a good sign, I guess!

Anyway, so the February resolutions were:

Resolution 1: Is a secret.

I think it went pretty well. Could’ve been better.

Resolution 2: Ace the Praxis.

Well, I got 185 out of 190 on the reading section and 181 out of 190 on the math section (!) so unless my essay was too bloggy,(don’t think it was) it went great.

Now I can move on from worrying about the test and go back to worrying that I’ll actually get INTO a teaching program, and then I won’t have time to write.

Resolution 3: Finish teaching program apps.

Done, but I resolve to waste no more resolutions on paperwork. I’m a Virgo. Paperwork gets done.

Resolution 4: Finish bringing the 2010 photos into the physical realm.

I promise I’ll do this some time before 2011.

Resolution 5: Cut down on screen time by 1/3.

I think I accomplished this by virtue of not going online on the weekends, but I still feel like I’m guilty of overchecking. Does loneliness make me overcheck, or does overchecking make me lonely?

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