Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Nice Paragraphs About Flowers by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am so excited to be rereading the Little House on the Prairie series. It’s so inspiring, especially to anyone who aspires to write a clear picture of what his or her time period is like.

The juncos are hopping around the back yard, a reassurance that Spring might really be real sometime soon. Here’s more reassurance.

“All around that door green vines were growing out of the grassy bank, and they were full of flowers. Red and blue and purple and rosy-pink and white striped flowers all had their throats wide open as if they were singing glory to the morning. they were morning glories.

Laura went under those singing flowers into the dugout.”—from On The Banks of Plum Creek

(Spoiler alert? Big sister Mary is blind by this next one)

“Here’s the Buffalo wallow now.”
 “I know,” said Mary. They stood a moment, breathing in deeply the perfume of warm violets that came up as thick as honey. The buffalo wallow, perfectly round and set down into the prairie like a dish three of four feet deep, was solidly paved with violets. Thousands, millions, crowded so thickly that they hid their own leaves.”-from Little Town on the Prairie

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  1. I just ADORE the little house on the prairie series! I love the TV show also..Rob picks on me for watching it .. LOL