Friday, April 29, 2011

April Resolutions Check-In

1. Write 30 Poems
Done. Best April ever. I'll try to say more about that for Motivation Monday. :)

2. Get on more stages
Well, let's see, I read at my own venue, in an anarchist bookstore, at an art gallery, at Kelly Writer's House, and tonight I'm in the Philly Slam Semifinals. Resolution #2 FTW.

3. Do more things that are just about art.
As I spent most of the month doing nothing but obsess about poems, even when I was at work, even when I was in math class, and my favorite of my 30/30 poems has Duchamps in it, I'd say this was successful. Plus, I've decided to take up my old hobby of collecting romantic art history facts.

4. Secret resolution, continued.
The secret resolution started out specific a few moths ago, but it has evolved into sort of a nebulous thing about being more brazen. I think I can safely say I've done it, especially since I've overcome my fear of sending love  poems to people. 

May will be the last month of The Happiness Project, so I'd better make the resolutions good!

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