Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation Mondays: Calls for Submissions: Summer Help

Hi dears. I hope your week is starting off cheerfully. Since I’ll be ridiculously busy this summer with teacher certification courses and arts camp, I thought I’d ask my brilliant friends for a little help. Here are the regular features you can contribute to:

I’m always taking submissions for Friday Love Poems, and there are a few slots open to get in before the end of July and make it into the print anthology!

And you can send prose, poetry, playlists, regular lists, videos, photos, etc for these two things:

Motivation Mondays: What keeps you writing? What are some lessons you’ve learned that might help other creative types move themselves forward? What songs are on your workout mix? Anything that gets the week started on a positive note is welcome.

Triads and Quadrangles: Is a silly-but-also-hopefully-helpful research project seeking positive images and stories of polyamory. Feel free to use a cute pseudonym if you’d like to tell your multiperson story anonymously.

Email your submissions, along with a short bio and a picture, to

Can’t wait to hear from you! Happy summer.

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