Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Triads and Quadrangles: What I Learned in the Poly Workshop at the Trans Health Conference

1. First of all let’s celebrate that in a little more than a year, I’ve come all the way from a homophobic coworker kind of aiming a car at me to working at a kid’s camp where the boss gave me an hour off to go do my polyamory research! Go me! Thank goodness!

2. Aiden Fyre was the presenter, and he’s worth clicking on unless you’re easily shocked

3. There were SO MANY people there. It’s hard to keep feeling like a weirdo when you’re in a room with so may cuuuute people who say they’re trying it when asked for a show of hands.

4. Though I didn’t learn too much that I couldn’t have gotten from The Ethical Slut, I like that my friend realized that the word “compersion” has a “purrrrrrrrr” right in the middle of it.

5.I know I’ve said this before but I really appreciate the way that queer/poly folks tend to look me in the face more than others do. There’s such a deep respect and acknowledgement there that I really do miss during regular times. Though I can surely try to practice it with everyone.

6.When I asked for advice about being partnered with a monogamous person, he just reinforced the need for transparency and assured me that he knows plenty of successful couples in our situation. Then an adorable friend behind us chimed in to tell me not to feel guilty, then said it several more times. I’ll keep trying.

6.I got to experience all this while sitting in the middle of my favorite constellation. I’m platonic with them, but that never stops me from getting a lovey-dovey contact high. Thanksthanksthanks.

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