Sunday, July 10, 2011

Motivation Mondays? I Need Your Advice! Also You Should Read Shanny Jean's Blog!

My friend Shanny is actually much more motivational than I am this week, so visit her right after this, okay?

Dear readers, I think maybe I might be a motivation hypocrite sometimes. I’m feeling a little lost and could use your help. Working full time at camp and going to school online at night is mostly fun, mostly inspired, but sometimes I forget to write for a while and get a wrist ache. Sometimes I feel disconnected, so, busy busy friends, how do you keep connected in the midst of working real hard?

For the past 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work and/or go to school part time and have lots of free time. It wasn’t always the best thing for my extroverted side, loneliness often won out over productivity, but that was a small price to pay for all that time to write, paint, navel gaze, and make mix tapes. I was a lucky, lucky housewife/writer.

I absolutely ecstatically love working at the performing arts camp. My days are full of poetry and cute things that kids say, such as (re: a pile of logs) “Oh, I know who did that. It must’ve been the Karate Hamster.” (seems like “Karate Hamster” should be capitalized, right?) The first day there, I saw TWO hummingbirds! TWO. If they had summer camp all year round I would definitely not need to work of teacher certification.

When I get immersed in studying the teacher stuff, it feels good sometimes. Fulfilling, like moving forward.

But sometimes I still panic that I’ve made the wrong decision. Sometimes I don’t know how to bounce back and inspire myself—that’s where you come in. Comment with songs, ideas, anything you do to keep yourself afloat during the times when work, being work, just isn’t fun. I’ll use them.

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  1. Baseball. Nothing recharges me like watching a good game- doesn't have to be Yankees, any exciting game starts me over.