Friday, August 5, 2011

Triads and Quadrangles: Poly on Weeds

“You two fuck. I’ll make eggs.” –Andy’s girlfriend’s husband on Weeds

For a few episodes this season, Andy, the most endearing character on Weeds, finds  himself involved in a polyamorous relationship with a conceptual artist whose husband is dying of cancer. Aside from some homophobic anxieties about sharing the bed with the husband, it’s a pretty lovable relationship.

Although I don’t know too many couples wherein the husband would sit in the bed reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake while his wife and her boyfriend are doing it, but it was a pretty touching scene.

I was sad to see the relationship end so quick—it’s nice to see us showing up in pop culture a little.

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  1. Well, you know, anything but monogamy or overall negative sluttery are the only two types of relationships we can digest in our media consumption. *sigh*

    Hmm. And I find it hard to think that if I had a third person in my bed that they would just be sitting there reading a book. At least watch or something. ;)