Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Love Poem: Rico Frederick!

Kissing A Botanist

In the gesture of
night air flirting

With strands of conk hair 
stranded on her forehead.

A flock of fingers
         swooning the cliff of her face.

Love is an ocean riffing notes
in a drowning man’s lungs.

I am a man,    Hunger for passion 
Easily persuaded to stay home.

She has put all her wary trust on my lap.
All her dinner plates in my stomach.

Evening calls out from the window
but the T.V. has other ideas for our heads.

Hands content with the botany of warm skin.
Legs pretzel into comfort.

We are a collusion of better ambitions.
Jigsaw puzzles with a drunk conscience.

When we finally gave into
the daylight sipping us awake.

We knew lastnight,     we gave the street 
lamps something glorious
to look at.

Rico Frederick is the first poet ever to represent all Four New York City poetry venues, at the National Poetry Slam.  He is a three-time Nuyorican Grand Slam Finalist, a three-time Urbana Grand Slam Finalist and the 2010 Grand Slam Champion of LouderARTS Project. Intangibles Grand Slam Finalist 2011. He has also taken his humble heartbeat to numerous universities, hospitals, bars, coffee shops and the Q-train. He calls Jersey City home base.
He is a lover of gummy worms & pistachio ice cream.

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