Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arts and Crafts: Make Your Own Monster!

As some of you know, I have a really adorable job: I work in the after school program at my local library. I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of our activities. You can also follow the kids' blog here. 

Make Your Own Monster is the most fun ever. The kids pick 5 slips from the list of possible monster qualities, create a monster with all of those qualities, then write a story from the monster's point of view. The list of possible monster-qualities is I think my favorite thing that I have ever written.

Your monster has a red tail with ten spikes.

Your monster has a hundred slimy eyes.

Your monster has pink pigtails.

Your monster has turquoise scales.

Your monster is lachrymose. (crying)

Your monster is elated. (very happy)

Your monster is excited.

Your monster has purple and green gills.

Your monster has puppy feet.

Your monster has banana hands.

Your monster has twenty pointy ears.

Your monster has a scaly torso.

Your monster has green nostrils.

Your monster has sparkly toenails.

Your monster is a ballerina.

Your monster has a fire-snout.

Your monster has blue fuzzy earlobes.

Your monster has nine shoes on.

Your monster has potato hats.

Your monster has red flowery elbows.

Your monster is an accountant.

Your monster works at the library.

Your monster has artistic talents beyond compare.

Your monster has a lot of money in her backpack.

Your monster has a sweet tooth for cookies.

Your monster likes music.

Your monster has six toes on each foot.

Your monster has a history of sleeping in class.

Your monster has no idea what time it is.

Your monster has five pairs of jeans.

Your monster has a fancy car.

Your monster is afraid of lightning.

Your monster likes books about monsters.

Your monster is a celebrity chef.

Your monster has shining yellow eyes.

Your monster has a lot of work to do.


A Monster’s Tale

My name is ___________________ The Monster. Today I________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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