Monday, November 28, 2011

Motivation Mondays: Advice from Jenny Slate/The New Marcel the Shell Episode

Friday morning after I got back from shopping/singing along to the Muppet Movie soundtrack with my sister, I was snoozing into the big holiday issue of Real Simple and came across this great advice:

"For some, having a thick skin means preparing for the worst--arming yourself for a huge battle. But that notion allows negativity to define you. Rather, I work to maintain an unwaveringly extra-positive self-image. Even when my contract wasn't renewed on Saturday Night Live last year, I remained 100 percent confident in my abilities. One decision on someone else's part, whether they're affirming or rejecting you, is ultimately minor. You are your constant, and your opinion of yourself is what matters most." --Jenny Slate

Of course, it must be easy to have an unwaveringly extra-positive self-image if you made this:

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