Friday, November 18, 2011

Triads and Quadrangles: Thanks, Pals. Thanks, Learning Curve.

"Each new connection expands me."--The Ethical Slut

Thanksgiving is coming up and it's my favorite holiday. I've been thinking about how lucky I am this year. Every connection I've made since I became actively poly has changed me for the better, even the heartbreakiest ones. Each person I've got to meet has meant something to me, even if they just added a couple of songs to my ever-expanding playlist. Some were temporary, some ended up friends, some are new and/or up in the air, but whoever they are, my life feels all the richer. So thanks.

There even may be reason to be grateful for the learning curve of it all. My friend Andrea says that a butterfly has to fight to get out of its chrysalis, because that's how it builds up strength in its wings. It it doesn't struggle enough, it won't be able to fly. I'll try to remember that next time I'm struggling with my math homework or, um, anything else.

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