Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Fun Poetry Class: Week Two

Last night, we started out our class with coloring--this is my favorite page of Lynda Barry's What It Is, which I never shut up about recommending. I told everyone to put their coloring page somewhere where they need to be reminded to trust their creativity. Mine is right by my writing chair.

Then we all gave horoscope writing a whirl. Last year, Radius published my step-by-step of how to write a made up horoscope, you can find it here:

I had a stack of books and Tarot cards out in case anyone needed a little extra inspiration, but my poet-pals were bubbling over with their own ideas--I was ready to steal them all for the Friday horoscopes. When Halloween comes around, remind me to use my wife's Zombie Apocalypse Horoscope--part of the reason I fell in love with her is that her writing is creepy as fuck sometimes.

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