Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awesome Gigs this Weekend! Philly and Rochester

Two chances to hug, drink wine, and read this weekend! come visit and share your poems!

Friday, Aug 3 at 7 pm: Open mic and Book Release Party at Big Blue Marble Bookstore!
551 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA

For pals who didn't make the first one or just want to pal around 
some more!
My first full-length collection of poems, For the Comfort of 
Automated Phrases,came out this summer from 
Sibling Rivalry Press! http://siblingrivalrypress.com/for-the-comfort-

Bring your own poems--we'll start the night with an open reading.

Says my beloved editor, Bryan Borland:" For the Comfort of Automated Phrases is a bottle of wine on a 

blanket in the park. It’s a night on the couch with your girlfriend, your boyfriend… or both of them. It’s 
making soup for a friend with a sick child. It’s the beautiful unpretentious. At its heart, this is a book of love poems written starry-eyed to board games and geography, to pop culture and pop music, to nephews and cats and cities and singers. Cassady’s full-length debut is the poetic equivalent of a mix tape – one you’ll keep rewinding and replaying – one that could easily be the soundtrack to your life."

No admission cost for the event, but you can get a book (and probably a hug) for 15$.


And then! Saturday night in Rochester, NY, I get to read for Rachel McKibbens, one of my oldest and 

dearest sister/friends:

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