Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happiest Song Lately, Thanks Kieran! :D

A few weeks ago I was still in the midst of anxietytown and winter was kicking my ass and everyone else's. In spite of bad forecasts, I decided not to postpone a visit to my sister's house in the snowiest of snowies, Oswego, NY. The roads and skies were clear until I got just outside of town. When I was literally two minutes from my sister's house, the car decided not to stop at the stoplight and plowed into the car in front of me, causing lots of sad crumples and general dismay. No one was hurt and the other driver was very kind. My mom happened to be in the neighborhood and came to wait for the cops with me. I thought I might be terrible at life, but eventually I made it to my sister's door.

My nephew showing me his favorite video was certainly worth the $1000 deductible, and so much more. So every time I hear this song, I suspect that happiness prevails, even in winter. We spent the weekend in glorious sloth, and I'm very grateful for that stinky rotten snow helping me slow down and enjoy the love, away and at home.

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