Thursday, June 18, 2015

Driving in Summer Mixtape

The mix I listen to year round is called Driving in Summer, so I wanted to share what I'll be driving to the beach and belting out this year. This mix is dedicated to my old pal Marc Beard-- I miss you a bunch and wish I we could go for ice cream cones.

Best Dreamy Song: High Violet is my very favorite album to drive to, and this is the summeriest one.

Favorite Motivational Existential Songs:

Best Concert Memories:

You can look up the whole song, but the summer I saw The Flaming Lips, I was in love with my wife and (unrquitedly) my guy best friend and also had a raging crush on my supervisor at the bookstore, who was a few rows away with his family. It was one of the most perfect moments of being alive, and I'm grateful that someone documented it:

And this one, too:

And this major life changing makeout moment:

Best Songs for Having Singalongs With My Nephews:

And With My Niece:

For Being Gloriously Bratty:

Because the kid in The Way, Way Back thought they were saying "Carry A Laser":
Because the movie The Obvious Child  Is A Fabulous Reminder That Stories Get Told:
Because Orange is The New Black:

Because of the Cute Boy at that Party That Time:
Because Somebody Once Told Me It's Okay to Get Giddy About Somebody:

And While I'm Leaning Into That Shame:
But Sometimes Summer's Melancholy:

And We're Back to Dreamy:

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