Thursday, June 4, 2015

Song for the Job Quitters

This is an old poem of mine. It originally appeared in Apiary, but I'm reposting it for a friend who's struggling with resigning from a self-destructive job. One thing I'm glad to have learned is that no one but me can take care of my career, and that makes saying no as important as saying yes.

Song for the Job-Quitters

There is more love somewhere.
There is more love somewhere.
I'm gonna keep on
'til I find it.
There is more love somewhere.

When you go to collect your belongings
may you not leave a pencil case behind.
May a shaft of sun shine through the industrial windows
in a show of solidarity.
May your boss be out of the office.
When someone asks if you don't work there anymore
may you be unable to wipe the smile off your face.

May you mourn the lost phone numbers,
blanket stillborn projects
and float them out on paper boats.

May you walk those blocks again when you're ready
see the azaleas in all their madness.

May you take cryptic advice from church signs,
list “The Universe” as a source of income
and mean it.

May the duvet whisper sweet nothings.
If you can't get out of bed,
may a cat sit on you.

May you lose the days of the week.

May you leave yourself a maze of flares
across the bridges.

May you walk into kinder rooms
to the dazzling realization:
maybe it wasn't just you.

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