Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maybe, Gaga...

This quote seems equally true and self-destructive. Whatever it is, I kind of love it.

“When you work as hard as I do or you resign yourself to something like music or art or something, you have to commit yourself to the struggle and commit yourself to the pain. And I commit myself wholeheartedly to my heartbreak…It’s a representation of my work. As artists, we are eternally heartbroken.”


  1. Wow. I am an artist, have grown up around artists and I think that is a misconception that many talented artists have. We think we have to be troubled and tortured in order to be great because so many great artists were. But I do believe that beauty and genius can occur without pain.

    Do I have pain? Yes, a tremendous amount of psychic pain-- as do many artists. But we do not need the pain in order to create-- as much as we think otherwise.

    Yes, pain is a motivator, it is inspiration, it is fuel, but it is not the only. As we grow and evolve, we will discover new fuels, I believe.

  2. I agree with you so much. I think heartbreak is a really inefficient fuel, given how much energy it take away.

    But when I have it, I try to use it, I guess.