Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poetry Saves the Week (Mostly)

I’ve had a real hard time keeping the ol’ chemicals up this week. Sadness and loneliness have just been real hard to fight. Even though I’ve been keeping my resolutions, I’m just not liking myself.

The thing that’s kept me mostly afloat, though, has been poetry, of course. Here’s some ways poetry loved me this week:

1. Sitting in the bookstore reading a wonderful collection called The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing. (Okay that’s kind of a sad activity.)
2. Listening to the overwhelming and diverse talent of my students.
3. My kid student wrote FOUR poems yesterday! Two poems asking questions to animals, (after The Tyger) two practicing rhyme.
4. I wrote my friend in CA a poem for his birthday and he wrote a BEAUTIFUL poem back.
5. Got to spend some time catching up with my co-host.
6. Got to sing the praises of Daniel Ladinsky, badass translator of
Love Letters from God—think I accidentally helped sell the book.
7. This poem by Tony Brown that really hit the spot:

Hummingbird Prayer

If there is
a right of return, I
would like to return
to a holy land
fitted to me. In a place
that allows hummingbirds
to be fierce warriors
in their universe
instead of precious gems
in ours, for example,
I may worship
on the scale I prefer,
where every moment
is its own, where the smallest details
are clear and crucial.
Examining their blurs
and hovers, I can say no
to the glorious and impenetrable wings
I have always been told were behind me,
and come back
to the source of flight
itself: the need to feed,
to thrive and pray, with those of my kind,
and to see those hummingbirds
as my kind, in spirit if not in body;
to stare into the cloud of their wings
at the spark of divine humor
that sits still and smiling
within each.

1 comment:

  1. Even poems of grief can be uplifting.

    Yay for the hummingbird warriors!