Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Love Poem: Dear Pennsylvania

I haven't done a Friday love poem in a while. I thought this would be a good one, with all the family travel coming up soon. :)

Dear Pennsylvania,

You were the road I waked down
when I ran away from home,
the route renamed, untraceable,
but my mother’s lilacs,
still stronger than anything.

my Rumspringa,
the choice made once, stay or go.

I moved to Philadelphia
so that I could say every day

Drive north
to my family’s arbitrary landmarks.
We count everything in rest stops.
We fondly remember the Electric City.
We shop carefully at Amish STUFF etc.

I have loved your neatly marked tunnels
through mountains
since I was born.
Hazardous materials,
please take alternate route.
Remove sunglasses.
Did you remember to turn
your headlights off?
We worry about your batteries.

1 comment:

  1. "so that I could say every day/Wissahickon." ooooh, bless you.