Monday, November 29, 2010

November Resolutions Check-In

It's really hard to feel positive right now: we just got back from the opthamologist. It turns out that the spot in Amy's vision is an inflammation that may or may not be fixable--she had a steroid shot to the eye and that's supposed to help in some cases. I'm just so angry. Amy is the nicest person ever and these shitty things keep happening to her--kinda makes me lose faith.

Her brother was kind enough to lend us the money to cover some of the doctor visits and treatments, otherwise we'd truly be in a horror story right now. The whole experience just really drives home the need for me to end up in a full time teaching job, so that we can pursue our crazy dream of having insurance.

Anyway, before I head out to get the ingredients for Amy's favorite meal, here's how I did with The Happiness Project this month:
1. Take reasonable steps forward.

I think I did this--I've been soldiering through math class, with the goal of applying to teacher certification programs,(You need 6 credits of math to teach in Pennsylvania. I avoided math in college by taking advanced languages--like Ancient Greek was so easy...) and I registered for next semester's math class as well. (Linear Mathematics: I like systems of equations)

I've been a little more outgoing about making friends with people, even though it makes me feel embarrassed/jinxy to write that...

I booked some good events and stuff, too, but I think I could have done more.

2.Get back into the habit of yoga.

Done, but with some fast-forwarding of the tape.

3. Submit! (Poetry)

This was one of my most successful submitting months ever. I even found another home for my horoscopes. A pal of mine just won an NEA Grant, though, so I feel like I've got to step up the effort--I think that the entire theme for 2011 is: APPLY FOR STUFF.

4.Evening walks with Amy.

This was one of my favorite resolutions but I really forgot to do it. Expect it to be a December resolution as well. Christmas light watching should help.

5. Dance more.

I was doing great with this one over the summer, but lately I've been feeling kind of old-ladyish about it. Hmmm.

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