Thursday, December 30, 2010

Light Bulb Friend/ December Check-in

If you feel like you need more light in your life these short days, full-spectrum bulbs are really easy to get these days. I always pictured Seasonal Affective Disorder treatments as these fancy lightboxes that I probably saw on 60 Minutes in the Eighties, but Amy got some in the regular light bulb aisle. There’s one right next to my writing chair, and it’s cut down my dark thoughts ratio considerably.

This month’s resolutions mostly fell by the wayside in favor of house cleaning, mixtape making, and many activities involving envelopes. That’s a pretty successful Happiness Project, right?

Resolution 1: Use vacation time to move my life forward.

So far it’s been mostly envelopes, math, and merrymaking, but that’s its own kind of forward motion, I think. Before I go back to work next Tuesday, I intend to have all poems submitted and a new version of my manuscript started.

Resolution 2: Evening walks with Amy.

Pretty good, but there could always be more.

Resolution 3: Avoid emotional eating.

At no point this month did I walk over to the Walgreens and buy a bag of caramel creams because I felt bad. Progress!

Resolution 4: Submit, query, apply for stuff.

Is the main theme of 2011.

5. Pass math with a C or better.

Holy crap, I got a B! This was thanks partly to being stuck in a doctor’s office for hours wanting to be distracted from fretting my head off about the spots in Amy’s vision. Also I did a lot of quality studying to Christmas movies.

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