Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishes for 2011

Usually I fold up my New Years Wishes in a pretty package and put them in the Box of Things to Be Worked Out Later by Unseen Forces, but this year, I have you.

I tried to be ambitious and very specific.

Also I wish you everything win the world that you might accio. (You can’t always get what you accio, but if you try sometimes…)

***Altruistic wishes like peace on earth, the end of racism, etc, are implied.****

1. I wish for a good, happy, well-paying job IN PHILADELPHIA for Amy.

2. I wish for a book with a spine, published by a nice press; a real home for For the Comfort of Automated Phrases at last.

3. I wish for a clear path to teaching certification, including good GRE scores, a welcoming program, and fruitful student teaching.

4. I wish I could look at pictures of myself and not be ASTONISHED by how fat I look. I think that might take about 40 pounds.

5. I wish for more opportunities to perform poetry outside my own venue.

6. I wish that my horoscopes would be in LOTS more places, so I’ll be closer to being the barrette-wearing Rob Brezny by next year.

7. I wish that I would develop more faith in people, so I’d trust them to stick around and not worry so much about losing them all the time.

8. I wish to spend a WHOLE BUNCH more time with the people I really really love. (Leaving plenty of time left for the couch, of course.)

9. I wish I’d get good at taking care of money, so our savings would keep growing and we can someday soon start planning our dream-trip to Paris. I want to see cathedrals!

10. I wish for good concerts, lots of dancing, and a million mix tapes by mail.

11. Plus some secret wishes.

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