Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Love Poems: With Dan Elman's Beautiful Furniture!

Dan Elman was a student in my unblocking class last summer, and I guess it worked. He's been a valued cheerleader for the Philly poetry scene ever since.

Since there's no more poetic profession than furniture restorer, I asked him to send me some photos of his work. Beautiful, right?

Foreign Particles
  for Yasser

the times

I was ugly
I kept from you I

showed you only what you need

to see the eyes underlined
the borders without boundaries

blown away like sand inhaled

the porous nature of the light
poked holes between my fingers

shadows raised for shade

that blushes when the light has turned
its tanning cheek revealed

and humbled, light admired dust

that settles on the air, illuminates within
a casual breath acknowledged

floating, your gaze, your sigh, your welcome face

when I asked you if you knew that light in dust
had shed its ugly skin

Dan Elman is an emerging Philadelphia poet whose work can also be found in Referential Magazine.  He is active at readings in the area as well as on Twitter. He works in Fishtown recycling antique furniture.

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