Thursday, February 17, 2011

Song of the Week: Born This Way (?)

1."A billion stars go spinning through the night, blazing high above your head. But in you is the presence that will be, when all the stars are dead." Rainer Maria Rilke

2.Born This Way is the platonic ideal of a gay bar song. The SECOND I heard it I immediately texted my wingwoman and made plans. (See you at Woody’s tomorrow night!) It does sound a lot like “Express Yourself” but I think it has some important updates.


3. The idea of having to assert that one was “born this way” seems kind of old-timey to me. I like the idea that god or whoever made me a bisexual chaste/slutty lazy polyamorist femme-inatrix, (Did I make up that word? I hope so. But probably not.) but it also seems like a fine thing to have chosen. I think that self-creation is just as divine as whatever we were born with, maybe more so. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next era of equality work focused on self-determination. (Kujichagulia, y’all!)

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