Thursday, February 24, 2011

Song of the Week (Plus a Shappy Poem!): Belated Grammy Edition

Way back when it was the Grammys, I was real headachey toward the end from studying in front of the TV/thinking too much about Eminem/Rhianna/spousal abuse. So after I saw Arcade Fire to Month of May, I crabbily went to bed. And missed this. Thanks to Hannah McDonald for providing the link.

Meanwhile, my pal Shappy was having a surprising and very, very DIFFERENT Grammys experience. I had hoped the ubiquitousness of Bieber would never reach this blog (Remember, like, a YEAR ago, when you'd never heard of him?) but this is just how much I heart Shappy. I'm assured that this poem is totally sincere.

And I believe it.

by Shappy Seasholtz.
This Just In!
I've got Bieber Fever!
I never want to get better!
I'm like baby, baby, baby hit me up on the Twitter!
Cuz I'll never be bitter
As long as you're clever
I'll never say never!

Justin you are so real
You should be in 4-D!
You are the best new artist
Even without a Grammy!

Your bangs are so dreamy
Any one can plainly see
OMG! You just got a haircut!
At least you didn't pull a Britney Shears
And have a breakdown on the TMZ!

I can't believe someone shot you
On that episode of CSI
And when I heard you were dating Selena Gomez
It made me want to cry!

No one woman should have you, JB!
You belong to all of your fans!
And even though you're from Canada
I believe that you are A MERRY CAN!

A can I can put my secrets in
A can that I know I can trust
A bright shiny can, as bright as your eyes
A can that I know will not rust!

I can visit you each day on the You Tube
You're most viewed, most discussed, most disliked.
JB, to me you're Just Beautiful
And your music just gets me all psyched!

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