Sunday, June 26, 2011

Motivation Mondays: Nice Slutty Affirmations!

Don’t forget, I’m looking for love poems and summer help. Don’t make me lit-nag you, dears. Unless you like that sort of thing.

So here’s my dirtiest little self-help secret: I like to write affirmations. After the three pages of yammering and dream remembering that I write first thing every morning, I generally write a page of affirmations. I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed about it; our culture find a million ways a day to tell us we’re not awesome, so why not counteract that?

I usually like the creativity-and-faith themed ones that Julia Cameron endlessly comes up with, but lately I’ve been enjoying a nice list of them from the authors of, you guessed it, The Ethical Slut. (It’s funny how much The Ethical Slut is like The Artists Way, all that talk of self-care and abundance.)

How could you not feel cheerful after writing a page of:

I deserve love.

My body is sexy just the way it is.

I ask for whatever I want, and say no to whatever I don’t.

I turn difficulties into opportunities for growth.

Each new connection expands me.

I contain all I need for a life full of delight.

Sex is a beautiful expression of my loving spirit.

I am on my personal path to ecstasy.

So, yeah. Say nice things to yourself. It's fun.

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