Friday, June 10, 2011

Triads and Quadrangles: A Nice Letter from Aiden Fyre

So I sent the wonderful Aiden Fyre this blog post and he sent this soverylovely letter back.  I got permission to post it, because I think it's helpful to anyone, in any kind of relationship. I especially like the "In Solidarity" part.


I'm so glad you got some useful information from the class. I was thrown by the sheer number of attendees, but I'm encouraged some folks found it useful. :)

Poly-Mono dyad relationships CAN work - you and your partner just have to want to MAKE it work. It can be challenging... but, I don't think any more so than a poly-poly dyad relationship. Honestly, the same skills apply! ;) 

Good luck creating the relationships of your dreams - both of you! After all, we ALL juggle multiple relationships - whether they be friendships, work partnerships, lovers, or our passions and hobbies that take up a large chunk of our time!

In Solidarity,

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