Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Love Poem: Tony Brown!


Their hands
fold into one anotheras do paper dolls:

not two separate but
one continuous; this
is not the love
of silk and

but that of
welded breaks made
strong, stronger
than before,

that may yet be defeated
but refuses to lose,
becomes plastic
under pressure,
reforms into sculpture
garden hands that
could be called
great art if it were not
natural for these two.

And their eyes!
Set into mapped
faces, clear
as seafront mornings
after fog’s burned away,

but they are so still,
so still…

Alive? Yes.
Whatever comes next
they are alive now
and no telling,
they may remain so

after what we call death.

Whatever you say
of this, however you
call out or disregard
the forged hands
and the still eyes,

old love is alive here.
And to prove it,

with his free hand
brushes a crumb
from her chin.

A veteran of both page and stage in the poetry world, Tony Brown has been publishing and reading in journals and on stages around the US for over thirty years. His work has appeared in anthologies including A Generation Defining Itself, from MPW Press; Look, Up In the Sky! and Appleseeds, both from Sacred Fools Press; From Page To Stage, The Wordsmith Press  (all US); and 100 Poets Against the War, from Salt Publishing (UK). Tony's work has also appeared in many journals (among them: Riverwalk Journal, The Ballard Street Poetry Journal, nthposition, The Worcester Review, The Furnace Review, New Verse News, The November Third Club,  Spindle, Breath And Shadow, Home Planet News, and World Literature Today). He was named a “Legend of Slam” at the 2006 National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX, and was elected “The Poet Laureate Of The Blogosphere” by voters at for 2008.A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, I’m the author of twelve chapbooks and two CDs of my work, the latter with his music and poetry project, The Duende Project, which features the stellar bass and nylon string guitar work of Steven Cafaro, Jr. (aka “Faro.”) He is a regular columnist for and help to run a weekly reading series in Providence, RI.
A chapbook of recent poems, FLOOD, is available from Pudding House Publications (Columbus, OH). They can be purchased from me at readings and through the publisher’s Website. $10.00 US.

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