Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Song of the Week: I Don't Want to Get Over You

Yesterday at work I overheard some of the teen counselors talking about how a friend of theirs has too many status updates about love and how this doesn't bode well for her actual love life. So...not so optimistic for someone who has a whole blog about it, hmmm?

I TOTALLY think about other things! Most of my day is thinking about the camp kids, including how the %&$#@$ to follow notes like "Have them write it like Pippin, but hip-hop." and my nights are spent thinking about grad classes in education. Currently I am working on a paper called Assessment in Special Education and trying to make heads or tails of the APA format. I have to wonder how the heck I'm going to pay for the next year and a half of schooling, worry about Amy's health, figure out what to do with our venue, etc, etc...

That being said, this week's song comes courtesy of this oddly cheerful This American Life episode on the theme of heartbreak.

I don't have anything to be heartbroken about at the moment, thank goodness, but I sure do wonder why some folks just kinda stay in my head a little more than they should. Sometimes I get really bored with crushiness, but I guess I can no more hate having crushes than having blue eyes...Oh Gaga, it's just something I'm born with, and I don't think I do any more inadvisable Googling than anyone else...

But sheesh, boys! Really, why ya gotta be so dreamy, even when you're not?

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