Thursday, July 28, 2011

Teacher Lady Stuff: Classroom Observation and a Good Glitch

Yesterday morning, even though I was sad to be missing camp, I was really excited to be sitting in a classroom ready to start the kindergarten day. I feel like my brain is growing new rooms for learning about teaching. I’d only been there a day and had already built a rapport with the students. They were already wanting to yammer to me all about their lives. In summer school the lessons are very scripted, so it’s a little boring to watch, but there’s a little more leeway during the school year and I could see the ways that the teacher added her spirit and style even to the scripted lessons. I was so very excited for everything I got to do during the classes, especially helping the kids to write sentences and make illustrations about the book they read yesterday.

There’s been a glitch with my financial aid, making me uncertain this week if I would be able to continue the program. Things are still a little up in the air but I am grateful for that glitch—it made me realize that I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t get to be a school-day teacher, as soul-draining as the homework can be sometimes, as convoluted as the APA format for research papers is, I want to do this. When I am finally certified, I’ll get a blue star tattooed on my left wrist, under where my Hello Kitty watch goes. Dear universe, get me to the sting of that ink. Thank you for the ways you are helping my brain grow. Please help me to keep going forward.

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