Thursday, August 4, 2011

OMG I'm Getting a Book!

Last Thursday I got home from a loooong field trip day at camp (dinner theater with kids: really fun, until it isn't.) to find a message on my voicemail from the wonderful Bryan Borland. When I called back he said "There's a problem with your manuscript." and I was all, "Ooookay, maybe I can fix it..." and he said "It doesn't have a Sibling Rivalry Press logo on it." And then he said all those things a writer always wants to hear, including that my poems "Touched him inappropriately." That right there tells you me and this press were destined to each other.

Because the entire process so far has been as charming as the above paragraph, I highly recommend submitting to them, either through the manuscript call next year  or to their journal of gay poetry, which is really fun to say: Assaracus. (They have a reading period coming up in September.

So very many thanks to Bryan and congratulations to my new friends/ siblings: Virginia Bell, Matthew Hittinger, and Brad Richard.

Of course I'm sheepish for so recently expended a lot of blog space on the fear that this book would never be accepted anywhere and trying not to envy my friends' successes--than goodness they were patient with me and now we can all be celebrating together.

So I sent my contract in, and a mix CD with it. This is really real and I am so, so grateful, and relieved, and delighted. This is my dearest dream, y'all. Enjoy these celebratory fireworks!

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