Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love FTW

A few weeks ago at the Friday Love Poems anthology reading, my friend John Beck introduced his poem by saying that Amy and I were the couple who inspired him to get married. This was surprising for a number of reasons, not least because my wedding ring had almost just gone down the sink.

I don’t wear my wedding ring very often, but I was wearing it last Saturday as we drove to John and Carol’s wedding. I was listening to a mix I made for my friend Sam and a mix he made for me. Amy was next to me and we were both in our wholesome wedding clothes. I had a moment when I thought “Maybe my life isn’t falling apart. Maybe it’s coming together.” I don’t quite feel like that today, but it was nice to visit the feeling.

To give you an idea of how awesome the couple is, the table numbers were spelled out in Scrabble tiles, and I heard that they were up late the night before playing board games.

My favorite part of the whole day (besides getting to visit my Grandmom after!) was during the couple’s first dance. Carol told me later that they’d forgotten their steps, but all I noticed was that they bantered and laughed through the whole song. It got me thinking about how much each guest loves the bride and groom, and how many people love each guest, and so on. Yes, I was full of my new-favorite-old-timey-drink-to-order, the Tom Collins, but still. We’re all really so lucky and safe.

Thanks for including us in your day, friends. Let’s plan a game night soon.

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