Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Love Poems: Wonder Dave!

Inventing a Lover
after Meghan O’Rourke’s Inventing a Horse

Inventing a Lover is not easy
One must not only think of the person
One must think of interactions; dinner, movies, conversation
One must include a bed suitable for lovers to sleep in

or sleep in with a human like you
You must imagine his body heat next to yours;
smell breakfast cooking when half the bed is empty
accustom yourself to the confines of a duet

holding in mind even when you are tired
promises, reactions, vows and
One must imagine the grief from him being absent

One must build someone not frightened by your flaws
or the cracking of your toes each morning
who understands the times you are being timid
versus the times your patience has grown thin with silence

One must imagine the absence of money
carrying another person through such a thing, the living weight
of his feet on the cold bathroom floor
stray bits of shaved stubble since he is real therefore inconvenient

and sometimes tired after climax
sweat on his brow the thick smell of sex humid in the air
one must imagine love
in the mind that does not know love

an alien mind, a love that does not depend
on your image
or your understanding;
indifferent to all that you lack

Build a home
complete with a fogged up bathroom mirror
scents you have yet to soak into your skin
and a pile of crumpled sheets on the bed

Wonder Dave is a writer and performer from Minneapolis MN currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He's been on multiple slam teams in both regions and was recently on the National Poetry Slam semi-finalist Berkeley Slam Team. Dave's poems have been published in Assaracus, The Orange Room Review, Shit Creek review, The Legendary and more. He's toured the country performing in schools, theatres, burlesque shows, open mics, poetry slams and once on the center lanes of a bowling alley. You can find him several places online most notably ,, and

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